#FANGZ Gone Global!

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
5 min readJun 20, 2022

By Teddy MacDonald

The Syndicate Goes Worldwide

With the Vampires, Bats, and Vampiresses all out of their coffins and ready to get a start on their eternal night, we thought it was the right time for us to do the same. We’re happy to kick off our global #FANGZ event campaign. A lot of projects are starting and ending with NFT NYC, but we’re not — immediately after our start in the Big Apple, our team is hopping the pond to throw another event in London to launch our private champagne label. Let’s talk about it.


As soon as the Vampires take New York, you’ll know. We have a whole slew of events primed and ready to go.

For once we’re leaving the sneakiness behind and showing off to the world. Cruising through the streets of Broadway and Times Square will be our very own food truck, complete with a custom vinyl wrap and menu on June 21st between 11 AM and 4 PM.

Sure, we’re happy to be serving up some of the best tacos in New York, but this specific event means a lot more to us. Innovation and technology come first for the Elders as they lead the way towards the future of NFTs and Web3 at large, but sometimes our best ideas come straight from the community itself. Given that, we started the Bloodbank DAO, and the concept of the food truck as a way to advertise our brand and feed hungry degens came directly from our holders. One of our core beliefs is that when the community speaks, we listen, and it hasn’t let us down yet.

On the 22nd, we figured it was time for our holders to live luxuriously. So we booked one of the top 30 bars in all of North America, otherwise known as Dear Irving. The “meticulous details in each area range from Versailles-style chandeliers to mid-century modern sofas worthy of Camelot” and we couldn’t think of a more fitting place to host our first social event together.

Overlooking the stunning cityscape of NYC from a place like this is something we’re excited to provide for our holders, but what could make it better? An open bar. Once in a while we like to take a break from blood, so this time we have a little more variety. With three distinct drinks designed and crafted to specifically meet our needs, we look forward to seeing which one ends up being the favorite of the lot.

We can’t just wine and dine our way through the week, of course. We look forward to having our presence known during the conference itself and are flying out team members and Elders to host a booth at NFTNYC on the 22nd and 23rd, from 9 AM to 5 PM both days. Come ask about the project, take photos with us, or even just hang out to discuss some of your favorite aspects of NFTs. We are firm believers in projects playing for the same team and working towards the common goal of advancing Web3 — we want you to learn from us, and more importantly, we want to learn from you. The Syndicate may have started with Vampires, but it won’t end there.

The London Vampagne Launch

In 2013, a very specific bottle of champagne called Goût de Diamants sold for $1.8 million dollars. We’ve partnered with the very same team who created this masterpiece, and we’re excited to say that our private champagne label is finally ready for launch. Exclusive to holders, we thought it fitting to reward diamond hands accordingly.

That’s not all. To celebrate the release of our very own Vampagne, we’re throwing the community a launch party that will blow them away. In one of London’s most famous cabaret clubs, The Box SoHo. Frequented by the likes of Prince Harry and Kate Moss (among other celebrities) and with tables starting at a minimum drink order price of £2,000 per table, it’s time for the Vampires to party like royalty.

With doors opening at 7 PM, this is one private party you won’t want to miss. Our events manager, who has over a dozen years of experience with Sony, spared no expense when booking this venue. Guests will be welcomed with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening, an open bar, champagne tastings, guest celebrities, and professional performances. From aerial acrobatics to gymnasts and circus performers dressed in vampiric outfits, the show will be one to remember. Speeches from the Elders are on the docket as well, and after all the major events are done, we’ll be hosting the private party all the way up until 4 AM. Will you make it to the end?

What’s Next?

New York City and London are great places to start. Once these are done, we look forward to planning more in the future. Start pitching location ideas, you never know where the Syndicate will pop up next.

Syndicate: noun /ˈsindikət/

a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.



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