Meet the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Team — Including One Of The BAYC NFT Artists.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
4 min readOct 28, 2021


The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate was formed by a group of friends who had a vision and passion regarding the crypto space and NFT’s in general. We met Mig many months ago and immediately felt like we found a match for some ideas that we had in mind, but couldn’t artistically execute.

Mig had former experience as one of the Bored Ape Yacht Club artists so he was more than familiar with the NFT world. From the get-go we got along well and he began to hand-illustrate the 8,888 vampires that you see today. Ever since we have been building the project with Mig alongside the community.

Our community has played such a massive part in the development of SVS. Since day one adjustments were made daily to cater to what people wanted to see from us. Engagement with the community is one of the things that really makes us stand out from other projects, we constantly seek guidance from our holders and try to involve them as much as we can whilst making decisions. This is why SVS is more than just a collectible, it provides unseen & unique utility to the holder.

We went with vampires for the main focal point for the art because historically there is so much history and lore that surrounds vampires, as well as an enormous amount of pop culture references! At its inception, there were almost no Vampire-based NFT projects around, with the majority of the projects focusing on animals (apes, cats, dogs, etc.) so we felt this was a perfect fit; in which the decision turned out to be a great one!

The Team

  • Mig: The Artist.

Mig is a full-time, freelance artist with an extensive background spanning across several fields including books, board games, video games and film. He has worked as a storyboard artist and corporate illustrator for large companies. Mig exploded onto the NFT space, being the artist for the popular project, Bored Ape Yacht Club, where he hopes to carry over his skill, experience and expertise into SVS.

  • Woof: Lead Developer

Woof has been involved in information technologies and cybersecurity for over a decade, with his expertise being in software development and reverse engineering. Woof previously carried a CTO role at Cybersole LTD, a premier automation tool to purchase limited edition items. He has been involved in cryptoeconomics since 2014.

Topkek has vast experience in business and investment management,
being an established figure in the cybersecurity industry. He currently maintains over 35,000+ paid customers across five companies and has been in the crypto scene since 2014.

2DVamp has a history of managing communities and has been in the crypto space for almost a decade now. 2DVamp holds a Management role at SVS, and will also be doing some voiceover for our SVS game. SVS to the moon!

Similar to 2DVamp, Ryan has experience managing communities across several sectors and markets, and oversees a lot of the operations at SVS. Ryan has experience in community management, public relations and customer support.

Freddy is a self taught full-stack web developer, specializing in JavaScript for the past few years, and has built a SaaS company offering a payment system for high-demand Discord groups and licensing for software. He has been interested in Crypto since 2017 and has recently become intrigued by the world of Web3 and smart contracts, and with his role as a Developer at SVS, he carries over his expertise with web development and infrastructure.

Our Launch

Ever since we began SVS, we were met with tremendous support from the community. It has been such an incredible and heart-warming journey to see such genuine support from so many people. We were met with inflows of thousands of users everyday right up to our launch date. We adjusted things daily where necessary up till the launch, relative to what the community wanted.

A great example of this was the fact that we reduced the maximum mint to 3 Vampires at launch! We wanted to keep things as organic as possible and have as much organic distribution/spread as possible from the get go. Immediately after our mint the unique holder percentage was roughly around 52%, which is something most projects won’t reach for months down the line! We are extremely proud of such an achievement.

We had an extremely successful launch using a complete anti-bot system as well as a launch which was done completely without any gas wars!

You can check out Woof’s Medium Article’s on mitigating gas wars, bots and network congestion and provably fair off-chain generation of metadata using block-hashes for further detail on these strategies used.

We plan to use Medium more often to communicate information regarding our releases and collaborations so be sure to stay tuned! We hope to see you around in our Discord Server, be sure to join if you haven’t already.



Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

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