Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: A Sneaky 2021 Review

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
5 min readJan 4, 2022

2021 was a wild year to say the least. So much has happened throughout the year and since our inception, that we thought what better topic for the first medium of the year than a yearly roundup for our amazing journey so far.

We have provided a more concise, chronological and shareable 2021 Roundup on our Twitter in a thread, be sure to check it out here.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: Cheers!

SVS originated from wanting to do something a little “different” in the NFT space, taking on the pop icon images of Vampires, we figured that this would add a nice change to the projects that were launching at the time. Vampires have an immense role in pop culture and we figured that not many things could beat it for a collection, so alongside Mig (former artist of the world-renowned project Bored Ape Yacht Club) we decided to take on a new venture, and here we are!

Our entire journey with The Lair began in August 2021. SVS as an idea had come to mind months before, but it was at that moment when we went public, everything changed. We were immediately showered with an enormous amount of support from the community. It was surreal to say the least, the amount of organic growth that we received from the very beginning of our journey was unparalleled. Within the first month, by our minting day, we were already at 47,000+ members in our Discord server! We had thousands of members flying into our server within the first day, and the rest was history. It was truly a memorable time in The Lair, and it laid the foundation for what was to come after.

SVS: Discord Server

The NFT space in itself is a space that we believe covers all aspects. It is known for its amazing creativity, its innovation, its communities and its ability to change some people’s lives forever. There truly is nothing like it in this world. We were one of the first few projects to pioneer a no-gas war NFT launch, as well as launching/minting with a fully functional working anti-bot system. We all know that a large drawback of Ethereum and its functionality is the absurd gas fees when it comes to very “hype” mints, this in itself places a large entry barrier for many people who may not be able to financially participate in a project. We noticed that this was an issue and were actively working towards a solution that would enable us to allow as much of our community to participate as possible in our mint. With the amazing work from our lead developer Woof and our other developer Freddy, we were able to pull off a successful launch without a gas war and without anyone being able to bot the launch! We believe that we were the first project to full off such a feat on that large of a scale, and are extremely proud of it. Shortly after the mint we saw that many other NFT projects underwent the same route with great success of their own. This in itself was extremely encouraging and heart-warming to see.

The entire goal of SVS was to build a community which could share its interest, goals and ambitions amongst each other and to grow together. Collectively we took off on a great start! The mint was limited to 3/wallet and we had immediately kicked off with an insane unique holder rate, with about 55% unique ownership from the get go! The community has been nothing short of phenomenal and we couldn’t be prouder to lead such an inspiring group of Vamps in The Lair.

After we launched we worked tirelessly on ways to grow our community and our project itself. We spent many hours in calls, talks, and reaching out to all sorts of people in and out of the crypto space. We worked very closely with master champagne connoisseur Shammi Shinh, creator of Goût de Diamants: the worlds most expensive champagne. Together we will be launching a private label champagne, exclusive for holders in 2022. NFT’s and NFT communities at their essence are collectors, and people who appreciate the beauty in a collectible. We are so excited and can’t wait to share this addition to the SVS brand with everyone.

Goût de Diamants: Created by our partner for SVS Champagne, Shammi Shinh

Not leaving out impact within the NFT space itself, we collaborated/partnered with #888InnerCitcle for a joint collection for both holders! We took some concepts from both projects and decided to merge it together for the collaboration. With 888 x SVS we went with some custom artwork drawn by our immensely talented artist Mig, which included references from 888’s pioneer style as well as our own! We approached this collaboration very differently, with 8 tiers of NFT’s with each tier having an ascending reward in those who were able to collect/reach the upper tiers. How did one reach the tiers? They simply had to claim their 888 Inner Circle x SVS NFT (they were 1:1 claimable depending on how many SVS NFT’s were held by the wallet) and needed to burn X amount to go up/progress in tiers! The main prize was the legendary 8th tier, where the first 8 to get to the top tier were able to claim an honorary SVS NFT drawn by Mig himself!

SVS x #888InnerCircle Tier 8 Vampire

Our recent SVS x Scream partnership was one that we believe set a new standard/level for NFT projects that work tirelessly on bridging the gap between our space and the “real world”! This collaboration continues into 2022 with prizes for SVS Vampire Holders prior to the #Scream5 Release on January 14th 😱

SVS x #ScreamMovie

As 2021 has drawn to a close, we want to truly thank all our holders and regulars in The Lair! This journey wouldn’t be anywhere as special without any of you. There truly is no place like The Lair and we notice all of you and appreciate all that you guys do for us!

Thanks to each and every community member, community manager and vampire enforcer who has helped us build such a wonderful community so far. We have so much to show in 2022, and can’t wait to bring everybody along for the ride!



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