Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: Alpha Access For Verified Holders

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
3 min readNov 29, 2021


As we have progressed through SVS our aim was always to continuously find ways to add more value to our community. Something that the team has been working on for a while is the introduction of our “SVS Alpha” channels!

SVS Alpha

The Alpha section of SVS is a way for us to bring added benefit to all holders of our project. The Alpha channels are an embodiment of giving our holders an additional “edge” on the NFT market with insight by a carefully curated team of experts which make up the Alpha Team!

The entry barrier to access the Alpha channels is to own a Vampire and be a Verified Holder. Owning a bat will not grant access to the Alpha channels; this is strictly for Vampire Holders only.

What are the benefits?

Benefits currently included in SVS Alpha include:

  • Whitelist (presale) Spots
  • Free Minting (only gas)
  • Minting using $BLOOD, our Utility Token (instead of $ETH). & more!

During the first two weeks of SVS Alpha, our focus have been on securing Whitelist Spots for promising up and coming projects, giving SVS Holders exclusive and guaranteed access pre mint!

Here are just some of the projects we have had access to in SVS Alpha so far:

SVS Alpha Whitelist Week 1 Highlighted Projects
SVS Alpha Whitelist Week 2 Highlighted Projects

How do we vet what projects come through our doors for the holders?

Our Alpha team runs through their own processes when it comes to deciding what projects will be eligible for them to share to all holders of SVS. For a little extra insight on the process, our specialist team have mentioned a few of the steps as follows:

  • Projects that run invite contests for their Discord are usually avoided as their servers are filled to the brim with bots.
  • Discord and Twitter engagement are key components to how well a project is growing. The more organic activity on both of these forums the better it is.
  • Collection size plays a huge role. The team usually tries to pick projects that have a collection size of 5k or below.
  • If a collection size is in the 5–10k range, it would have to be an extremely hyped project which more often than not, multiple members have vetted to us as well.
  • A majority of the mint stemming from whitelist is a major plus point, as it is usually a cleaner process, avoids gas wars and allows us to give back more whitelist spots to the SVS community.
  • Founding team being active in chat is a huge bonus!
  • We always check and favour projects which have blue chip communities which are talking about the project or who are in the Discords already.

As it stands, since our launch of the SVS Alpha channels, the community has responded in nothing but a positive manner to everything the team has brought to them.

The Alpha implementation hit the ground running and have been pushing at the same pace ever since! We are consistently working on adding extra utility to the project and will keep pushing for more — these are simply an additional perk for holders, and we can’t wait to announce the further Utility we have coming soon for SVS Holders, we know everyone will love it!



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