Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: Introduction of the $BLOOD Token.

When we launched the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate we had an initial roadmap with many things planned along the way. We were flooded with an immense amount of community feedback and suggestions with what else could be added; the one that stuck out the most was the implementation of staking!

What is staking?

Staking is a way to put your Vampire to use and gain rewards from it. By staking your Vampire, you will receive “$BLOOD Tokens” as a reward. These $BLOOD Tokens are used within the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Ecosystem to provide utility to Vampire Holders.

Staking Your Vampire

We launched staking 4 weeks after our successful launch & mint and it was a huge success. The $BLOOD token is purely a UTILITY token which the SVS universe is based around. With every partnership and collaborative effort we engage with we are trying to add some utility around the $BLOOD token for all holders.

Staking is handled via our Dashboard, where you can select Vampires that you wish to stake.

The $BLOOD rewards are simple:

  • If you stake a Vampire; you receive 3 $BLOOD/day.
  • If you stake a Bat; you receive 1 $BLOOD/day.
SVS Staking Dashboard

$BLOOD Token Rewards within SVS:

The centre of $BLOOD Tokens includes our future plans directly within Sneaky Vampire Syndicate for the future of the project:

  • $BLOOD Tokens will firstly be used when our Generation 2 collection launches. Generation 1 Vampire Holders will be able to receive a discounted mint price on Generation 2 by redeeming $BLOOD Tokens towards the purchase.
  • After the Generation 2 Release, we have breeding scheduled. In which a Generation 1 + Generation 2 Vampire can be bred to produce a new NFT. $BLOOD will be used to complete this process.

Along with direct use for $BLOOD within SVS, it will be used within our collaborations and partnerships with other brands. We have a lot more scheduled and upcoming that will utilize $BLOOD Tokens, however ones we have announced so far include:

Private Label Champagne

We are partnering with Shammi Shinh, master champagne connoisseur to bring the community the chance at purchasing a custom SVS custom champagne bottle! We were approached by Shammi Shinh, the creator of Goût de Diamants and Taste of Diamonds to create something special. It was very humbling when we found out he was a SVS holder and a massive supporter of our community!

The only way to be eligible to purchase a bottle of this fine champagne would be to have the adequate amount of $BLOOD available. They are going to be extremely limited (as we do them by batches), and will feature a custom SVS themed custom case as well! We are already well underway with the process of creating the champagne, designing the bottle, the label and the case. Things are getting extremely exciting and we can’t wait for everyone to see our special partnership play out.

This is not a simple White Label bottle of champagne; this will truly be a work of art as it is a completely custom designed by us Private Label Champagne!

Goût de Diamants Champagne

SVS Alpha Chat

We have recently introduced our “Alpha Channels” in our Discord server. This a perk exclusive to Vampire Holders in which information on upcoming NFT drops will be shared ahead of time for people to be prepared, as well as an open discussion channel where everyone can share and discuss what “alpha” will be helpful to each other.

How does this tie in with $BLOOD? We plan on partnering with some projects that we feature and allow users to mint with $BLOOD in the future. We are ever expanding and trying to grow our ecosystem as much as possible, and one way of doing so is trying to integrate the use of $BLOOD into other projects in which we collaborate/partner with, whether it be something as simple as using $BLOOD to mint their NFT or maybe some other little bonus for SVS holders/$BLOOD owners.

Metaverse Utility

We have been planning and building endlessly with regards to The Lair in the metaverse. We are already premium partners with Sandbox and have partnered with Wilder World to create a monumental lair in both of these projects!

$BLOOD will be able to be used to get both “discount” or “advantage” in the metaverse when it comes to purchasing certain items/cosmetics. There is so much that we have planned; and the possibilities are endless.

SVS x The Sandbox Collaboration

$BLOOD will be the centre of our ecosystem and we are working daily to grow it as much as possible! We look forward to introducing more partnerships, collaborations and utility for $BLOOD within the coming weeks and months; we’re sure everyone will love what we have planned!