Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: Our Collaborations & Partnerships So Far.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
5 min readNov 8, 2021

Ever since we launched the Syndicate one of our main goals was to bring as much utility as possible to our holders, through the real world as well as utility within the crypto space. As we grew and progressed through the weeks we were approached by many potential partners as well as other projects who wanted to collaborate with the Syndicate.

We are proud to have worked with 888 The Inner Circle, Goût de Diamants, Wilder World, SandBox, and Pixlet Studio so far, as well as introduced Brian D. Evans as our official advisor.

888 The Inner Circle

We are big fans of 888 and the community he has built around his project: The Inner Circle. After discussing initial plans, it was mutually decided that the approach to take was to create custom SVS x Inner Circle artwork that would be claimable by members of both communities; for free.

The approach we took was that there would be a burning system involved, with 8 tiers of the NFT. Holders who got to tiers 7 and 8 via burning the SVS x Inner Circle NFT would receive special rewards including:

  • An Honorary Vampire of their own, drawn by our artist Mig.
  • An 888 Inner Circle Genesis NFT.
  • Whitelist for SVS Generation 2 when released.

The collaboration was a huge success. We had 8 people burn up to Tier 8 within the first 12 hours, and we can’t wait to see their special SVS Honorary Vampires drawn by our artist: Mig!

Inner Circle Vampire Tier #7

Goût de Diamants

Our first “real world” utility addition to SVS came from the introduction of our partnership with Shammi Shinh; creator of Goût de Diamants, an established champagne brand. After some discussions between both parties, we came to the conclusion that we would be producing a custom and limited-edition private label champagne, only for holders! This partnership will bring about a custom bottle and custom case for the champagne, this would make a nice physical collectible for all holders — whether they drink or not!

The only way to be eligible to purchase a bottle of SVS x Goût de Diamants champagne will be via our $BLOOD Token. The amount of $BLOOD required has not yet been determined, however this will allow for SVS holders to stake their Vampires to earn $BLOOD, which they can then decide to use to get their hands on a bottle of our limited edition champagne should they wish.

Goût de Diamants Champagne Bottle

Wilder World

Wilder World is a metaverse project where “Wiami” is the city where the Vampires will have their very own lair! #Wiami is a Protopia that has a futuristic vibe playing off of 80s Miami, with a CyberPunk flair and a touch of fantasy. Wiami will have plenty to offer the Vampires, as they are scheduled to come out of closed beta in 2022 and have already shown sneak peeks of them working on Wilder Wheels; an interactive racing system between Wiami users in the metaverse.

SVS will have its very own unique iconic landmark in Wiami; a modern day Lair. We held a Twitter Spaces as well as a Discord AMA with the Wilder World team, and it’s safe to say that both our communities are extremely excited about this partnership and continuing to build amazing things together for Wiami. To commemorate the partnership Wilder World actually created a 1:1 custom wheels (the cars used in Wilder World) to give away to our community.

As the Wilder World team continues its progress on their amazing project, we’re looking forward to racing around the streets of Wiami with our fellow Vamps.

SVS Wilder Wheels Vehicle


We have become premium partners with The SandBox as well! This is extremely exciting for SVS and we will be having our own estate in the metaverse. SandBox will be home to The Lair, which we are in the process of designing and hope to begin building it very soon.

We are already in talks with some prominent building teams and have some crazy ideas to bring to the Syndicate for The Lair. We want it to be an immersive and interactive process for all members of SVS, and can’t wait for all the Vamps to see it when it’s done!

SVS x The Sandbox Collaboration

Pixlet Studio

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with PIXLET Studio, a Llama Pass project. PIXLET Studio is a community generated art space.

Pixlet starts with a blank canvas and a community. From here community members are able to simultaneously draw and collaborate to make a unique piece of art that represents the community as a whole. This fun project allows for SVS holders to collaborate on the SVS Community Canvas to display their artistic ability!

SVS x Pixlet Studio Collaboration

We hope this gives a good overview of the collaborations and partnerships we have announced and completed so far — with many more still in the works, and to be announced in the coming weeks be sure to Follow Us On Twitter and Join Our Discord Server, if you haven’t already to be the first to hear!



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