Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: Partnership Recap

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
4 min readFeb 15, 2022

It has been some months now since we released a Medium article on how SVS came about and our partners since our launch. We as a community have made enormous progress and SVS as a brand has continued to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Day by day and week by week SVS has continued to partner with more and more outstanding people in and out of the NFT scene, so what better topic for this week’s Medium than an update on all the new partnerships/collaborations that we have achieved?

  • Coinbase NFT

Coinbase NFT and SVS have officially partnered, and SVS will be one of the first collections to list on the platform on its launch! This is extremely exciting for all parties involved, and we can’t wait for their platform to launch!

Coinbase x SVS
  • Static City Games

Although we had an independent game developed for all SVS holders planned from the beginning, we didn’t mention it in the previous Medium. Static City Games is the official developer of the current SVS game which is in open beta currently! It is led by Josh/Krassenstein and we are extremely excited to push the final product out soon.

Static City Games x SVS
  • The Red Ape Family

The Red Ape Family (TRAF) are an NFT based project which runs an animated series which will feature one of our very own Vamps as the main character! As we expand our reach in and out of the NFT space we are super excited to partner with TRAF and can’t wait to see the Vamps appear in their series.

  • Worldwide Webb

Worlddide Webb are a pixel metaverse built on Ethereum. As we are releasing the Pixel Vampires extremely soon, one of the main perks of our partnership with Worldwide Webb is that the Pixel Vampires will be fully integrated into their pixel metaverse! The Vamps will be able to hang out with each other in the Worldwide Webb soon.

Pixel Vampires x SVS
  • The Pixlverse

SVS has also entered into a partnership with The Pixelverse and will integrate the Pixel Vampires into their metaverse! As we grow and build SVS we are doing our best to expand our outreach to as many top tier partners as possible, and The Pixelverse is an excellent example of one.

Pixlverse x SVS
  • MintPS by Paradigm Sports

MintPS is a ground-breaking, utility-centric NFT that serves as the key to unlock a universe of premium content, NFT collaborations between athletes, entertainers and world renowned creators across different blockchains, benefits in digital, physical, and metaverse worlds, and value across the entire Paradigm Sports network.

MintPS will allow holders to get benefits to global brands and products across various industries. Be closer to the athletes, entertainers, and creators than you’ve ever been before. Paradigm Sports is a leading global sports management, business, and media agency with an AMAZING roster. Our partnership means we have closer connections to their prominent athletes from all across the sporting and business world!

MintPS x SVS
  • The Cryptoids

The Cryptoids are a playable and interactive NFT collection, essentially cute virtual pets! SVS has officially entered into a long term partnership with The Cryptoids and we will be announcing more details on this soon.

The Cryptoids x SVS
  • Gameloft

Heroes of the Dark is a free-to-play Strategy RPG game with stunning visuals and a captivating storyline! Vampires, Werewolves and Humans are engaged in a war for domination of the fantasy world of Tenebris! SVS and Gameloft are inviting you to dive into this amazing universe and get the chance to win a Gen 2 Whitelist Spot. Inside the game, both Whitelist Spots and Avatars are available!

Gameloft x SVS

This is just an overview of the Partnerships we have engaged with so far! There are many more that we have plans to release in the future — and we can’t wait to share them with the SVS Community!

Stay tuned!



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