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7 min readMay 2, 2022

On April 11th 2022, we released our proposed $BLOOD Rework, that would bring around passive staking, a changed mechanism for claiming $BLOOD bi-weekly, along with additional $BLOOD & Prizes for holders.

We are glad to announce the $BLOOD Rework is now LIVE. All final details, and blood amounts are detailed below:

The Blood Overhaul

  • Passive Staking Model. (Your NFT must NOT be listed in order to receive $BLOOD. If it is listed on a marketplace, you will receive no $BLOOD in the next Bloodbag).
  • At 00:01 UTC on May 1st, a Snapshot was taken to fetch current $BLOOD balances. This $BLOOD (both claimed and pending $BLOOD) has now been airdropped on Polygon.
  • Following this, a Snapshot will be taken at the beginning of the next bi-weekly period at 00:01 UTC, as soon as the previous period ends (e.g. For the June 1st Bloodbag, the snapshot is taken May 15th at 00:01 UTC, right after the May 1st-May 14th period has ended). This Snapshot will determine how much $BLOOD you will receive in the following periods Bloodbag.

Unstaking & Future Bloodbags

  • Visit:, and hit the “Unstake All” button to unstake all of your currently staked tokens. Unfortunately, you will have to originally pay the unstaking gas fee (it will be lower than usual due to unstaking all at once). Do not worry, we will be refunding any gas fees paid to unstake.
  • Within 48 hours, you will automatically receive gas fees paid back to your wallet (Max 100 GWEI used. If you use more, you will not be refunded).
  • As all current $BLOOD, and future $BLOOD from Bloodbags will be on Polygon, you will never pay to stake, unstake, or to perform utility — you will simply accrue your $BLOOD and be able to spend it freely.
Bloodbag Opening

The Bloodbag

The Bloodbag is at the centre of the $BLOOD Overhaul, being the way that $BLOOD is claimed once earned. Instead of pending in a daily manner, the new system awards $BLOOD in a bi-weekly fashion, claimable via The Bloodbag.

There are three different types of Bloodbag:

Basic Bloodbag — This holds the base $BLOOD Yield per token, along with any rarity bonus. It can be claimed any time, it does not expire, and can be stacked and claimed alongside other Basic Bloodbags at any time.

Perfect Pair Bloodbag — This holds the base $BLOOD Bonus for holding a Perfect Pair. It also includes any additional bonus $BLOOD dependent on the Coffin Tier you received, if included in the Sneaky Snapshot. It can be claimed any time, it does not expire, and can be stacked and claimed alongside other Perfect Pair Bloodbags at any time.

Bloodboost Bloodbag — This holds additional bonus $BLOOD given for holding an SVS Family (Vampire + Vampiress + Bat). It also includes a chance to win a prize. This is the only Bloodbag that DOES NOT STACK, meaning you only have the period of that Bloodbag to claim it, before it’s lost forever (e.g. Bloodbag becomes available on May 15th — you have until May 31st to claim this, as when the next Bloodbag drops on June 1st they do not stack).

Basic Bloodbag

This is the common Bloodbag, of which you will receive one per Vampire, Bat or Vampiress (If a bat has been devoured. See Bat Devouring*).

You will receive one Bloodbag per eligible token. This Bloodbag will include your base $BLOOD, along with any rarity bonus.

Basic Bloodbag $BLOOD Yield, Per Claim Period

If a Vampiress has not devoured a bat, they receive 0 $BLOOD, no matter the rarity. See Bat Devouring*

Perfect Pair Bloodbag

This is a Bloodbag you will receive if you have a Perfect Pair currently held in your wallet.

There is a base amount of $BLOOD gained for simply holding a Perfect Pair, with an additional bonus if you held your Perfect Pair at the Sneaky Snapshot. The additional boost is dependent on your Coffin Tier.

Perfect Pair Bloodbag $BLOOD Yield, Per Claim Period

You receive this bonus per Perfect Pair owned. If you own 10 Perfect Pairs, you will receive 10 Perfect Pair Bloodbags per claim period.

If you split up your Perfect Pair before the next snapshot, you will not receive the Perfect Pair $BLOOD bonus in the next Bloodbag, keep them together!

Bloodboost Bloodbag

This Bloodbag, unlike the previous two, can only be claimed during that Bloodbag Period. If not claimed during the bi-weekly period, it will be lost forever.

The Bloodboost Bloodbag includes an additional $BLOOD Bonus for dedicated and active SVS Holders, willing to claim their Bloodboost Bloodbag within the current Bloodbag Period & who have an entire SVS Family (Vampire, Vampiress & Bat).

Each SVS Family will receive one Bloodboost Bloodbag per claim period. It will include a totally random amount of additional $BLOOD, ranging between 8–28.

Bloodboost Bloodbag $BLOOD Yield, Per Claim Period

In addition to the SVS Family $BLOOD Bonus, each Bloodboost Bloodbag has a chance to include a prize. These prizes can include (but are not limited to).

  • Free SVS NFTs (Vampires, Vampiress, Bats).
  • Free NFTs from other collections.
  • Free & Exclusive Merchandise.
  • Expenses Paid Trips, Flights, Hotels & Theme Park Tickets.
  • Giftcards (Amazon, Nike, Adidas, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, etc.)
  • Electronics (Apple Products, Samsung Devices).
  • & Much More!

Some of these items have a timely manner (e.g. Whitelist Spots), so be sure to claim your Bloodbag in this period to be in for a chance at winning a prize!

Bat Devouring*

The base $BLOOD yield of a Vampiress is 0 $BLOOD — however Vampiresses Bloodbags may be unlocked by devouring a bat.

Vampiresses are ravenous and thirsty for $BLOOD, yet do not earn it naturally. They can unlock this ability by “Devouring A Bat”.

Devouring a bat not only unlocks the ability for the Vampiress to earn $BLOOD, but also has several benefits:

  • Vampiresses must own both a Vampiress & A Bat in the same wallet. This can then be “devoured” via our Dashboard.
  • Once devoured, the bat is sent to the Graveyard, thus deflating the current Bat Supply.
  • Once a bat has been devoured, that Vampiress will take over the $BLOOD yield of the bat she has devoured and earn an additional 14 $BLOOD per Bloodbag. This effectively gives both the Bat & Vampiress a yield of 1/$BLOOD per day each, amounting to 28 $BLOOD per Bloodbag.

…It would be interesting if there was a way the Graveyard bats could be resurrected too, in exchange for another being sacrificed…


> Owns 7 Vampires, 7 Vampiresses & 7 Bats.
> None of the Vampiresses have devoured a bat.
> All 7 Vampiresses are Perfect Pairs.
> All were in the Sneaky Snapshot, and they received 5 Tier 1 Coffin’s and 2 Tier 2 Coffin’s.
> None of their tokens are in the Top 10% of rarity.

  • Receives 7 Basic Bloodbags for their Vampire’s, with 42 $BLOOD in each, for a total of 294 $BLOOD per claim period.
  • Receives 7 Basic Bloodbags for their Bat’s, with 14 $BLOOD in each, for a total of 98 $BLOOD per claim period.
  • Receives 0 $BLOOD for their Vampiresses, as none have devoured a bat.
  • Receives 7 Perfect Pair Bloodbags for their Perfect Pairs. 5 of them include 12 $BLOOD for having Tier 1 Coffins. 2 of them include 15 $BLOOD for having Tier 2 Coffins, for a total of 90 $BLOOD.
  • Receives 7 Bloodboost Bloodbags as they have 7 SVS Families (7x Vampire, 7x Vampiress & 7x Bats). These Bloodbags all include a range between 8–28 bonus $BLOOD each, along with a chances at a prize in each.
Bloodbags Infographic

We are glad to have finally been able to implement the $BLOOD Rework. We believe this is great for the longevity of the project, allowing Vampiresses access to the $BLOOD ecosystem, while providing bonuses to long-term holders who have: Rare Tokens, Perfect Pairs & SVS Families.

Every single holder will be receiving an increased yield than prior to the rework, while also having bi-weekly chances to win a plethora of prizes including SVS Alpha Whitelist Spots, NFTs, Physical Items & More!

If you have any feedback — please feel free to put it in #community-suggestions in the Discord.

The first Bloodbag Claim will be available on May 15th, for the period May 1st-May 14th.
Take a bite.



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