Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: Roadmap 1.0 Completion & Additional Drops.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
4 min readNov 23, 2021


When we first began SVS we had a simple goal in mind; to bring as much value as we can to our ever-growing community. The process was a simple but efficient, streamlined one in which we could bring maximum value to all holders of our project.

Our main ethos at SVS was always built around “how much value can we bring to our community?”. So as we began structuring and building our roadmap before we opened up to the public we had already decided that we would be conducting special giveaways, releasing our very own companion NFT’s, special SVS merch, and the beginning of our Lair in the Metaverse!

Releasing the Bats

As soon as we successfully completed our launch we began working on our next big thing; the bats! All vampires need a cute little companion; what better than some cute little bats! The bats were up for claim by all Vampire holders. With a 1:1 ratio. This meant that if someone held 10 Vampires, they could then claim 10 bats. The bats were released for free so holders only had to pay gas!

Releasing the bats was a huge success. Alongside having already added utility to the main Gen 1 Vampire by being able to stake them to earn $BLOOD, holders could now stake their bats to earn $BLOOD as well (at a lower rate).

Bat Companion Promotional Image

Free Merchandise

To celebrate such a strong, successful, positive launch the team decided that we were going to do a surprise merch drop for all SVS holders! This was extremely fun and exciting, we took a stealth snapshot of all SVS holders at the time and announced that all holders would be able to claim one item of SVS merch for FREE! We covered the cost and it was absolutely amazing. We couldn’t be happier to see what a positive outcome this produced for not only our community, but surrounding supportive communities as well.

The merch included Hoodies, T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs & Stickers. These were only the beginning of our merchandise plans. We will be releasing future generations of merch in weeks & months to come — stay tuned!

SVS Merchandise


A week after we completed our public launch we had already begun the process to work with Sandbox and other metaverse projects! SVS are now officially premium partners of SandBox and are working very closely with the Wilder World team to bring different renditions of The Lair to both Metaverse projects! Work has already begun on both Lairs and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to share them with you guys when ready!

We will be making a future Medium Post on everything SVS’ Metaverse Integration has to offer in the coming weeks, in the meantime, you can read about our partnerships with both these amazing Metaverse Platforms here.

SVS x The Sandbox Collaboration

Charity Donations

During one of our weekly AMA’s pre-launch, we mentioned that we would be donating an amount to charity once we sold out. We decided to approach this a little differently. We hosted a poll for verified SVS holders only with 10 charity options. Out of the 10, we selected the 3 with the most votes and donated 15 Ethereum to each of them! The 3 charities that we donated to were the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, American Cancer Society and Forgotten Animals.

These Charity Donations were not part of our initial roadmap — we simply decided to make these donations after our public sale.

American Cancer Society, Forgotten Animals & AFSP

SVS Game

After SVS delivered on its initial roadmap, SVS wanted to provide something “extra” to its community with the development of its very own SVS game by Krassenstein from StaticCityGames and streamed live daily on Twitch.

The game will be exclusively available to play for all SVS Vampire NFT holders. SVS also take great pride in having a strong community with their input into the games development and upcoming features wherever possible, with feedback being taken on and integrated daily via the Twitch Livestreams.

A Still from our SVS Game, currently in development.

These are just some of our highlights of what was completed within Roadmap 1.0, along with additional aspects completed afterwards. Swiftly after Roadmap 1.0 Completion, we released our Roadmap 2.0 which serves as a basepoint of what will be coming in the near future for SVS (but it is by no means exhaustive — we have a lot planned that is not on our Roadmap!)

Our Roadmap 2.0 includes our Generation 2 Release with Companions, Breeding between generations, SVS DeFi Utility, along with various real-life utility aspects beginning in 2022. We will explore more detail on these in a future Medium Article.



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