Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: SVS Platform Game

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate at its core is divulged from the purpose of wanting to bring as much value as possible to our community members. When we were in the initial planning phase we had begun work on our roadmap and was brainstorming ideas on what would be the best way to provide as much value to anybody who owns a Generation 1 Vampire.

After releasing our initial Roadmap we knew that this was just a beginning. Our plan from the beginning was that the Roadmap would just be an initial offering, with plans of adding “extras” alongside to provide additional utility.

One of these additional aspects included an SVS game! When we were discussing what we could potentially do, the idea of building a game in which only holders could play was an immediate hit and we went full steam ahead. As soon as we finalised that this was something we wanted to pursue, we contacted Josh from Static City Games with an initial call to brainstorm. He loved the idea and couldn’t wait to begin, and off it went!

The game is in essence a single-player action roguelike platformer; combining the overall aesthetics of “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” with the ever-changing permadeath systems of a game like “Spelunky”. No two playthroughs will ever be the same. The dark gothic vibes let our vampires come to life.

What we mainly emphasized on with the building of the game was that we wanted it to be as enjoyable as possible for all holders, with longevity. This meant we had to ensure the replayability value had to be as high as possible to bring maximum value and enjoyment to all holders who wanted to partake in the game once it was launched. After months of development, we wanted to ensure holders found value in playing it and it wouldn’t be a “one and done”.

Some of the key components of the game include:

  • No two playthroughs are the same. Each attempt at the game will never be the same as the previous one, so players can have fun for hours on end!
  • The game will employ a custom seeding system that changes the gameplay based on choices you make each run.
  • A way to input your own seed in the system to play a special level of your choosing.
  • Weekly leader board that pulls a seed based on the most recent Ethereum block.
  • Dozens of abilities that modify your playthrough to make your Vampire stronger.
  • The game will feature 21 unique room layouts and all different kinds of enemies.
  • The artwork and general style that the game has is that of a unique retro pixel art in a modern game. We think this was the best fit for a game of this choice and it turned out great!
  • A custom soundtrack was composed for the game, by talented composer Christoph Gray. We want the experience to be as special as possible for each holder, so nothing is better than a custom composed soundtrack fit perfectly for the Vampires!

The game has been in development ever since we opened our Discord Server, prior to mint. As we draw closer to completion and the game’s final release we want to celebrate the fact that its closed beta will begin this week, on Wednesday December 8th. It has been an eventful journey and we cannot wait to keep bringing as much value as possible for everyone in the SVS community.

8,888 Sneaky Vampires living their best life in the Syndicate.