Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: $BLOOD Rework Proposal

Back in October 2021, we released staking, only six short weeks after the initial release of our Generation 1 Vampires.

At the time, we were unaware that $BLOOD would play such a vital role within the SVS Ecosystem, and as such the staking model used was very simple being that Vampires would earn 3 $BLOOD/Day, Bats would earn 1 $BLOOD/Day, and this was the extent of the system.

Now that we have had the release of our amazing Vampiresses, we found it apparent that although Vampiresses were always going to be integrated into the $BLOOD Ecosystem, the previous SVS Staking model would not allow this to be in the same way as Vampires & Bats. After many internal discussions, we came to the conclusion that with $BLOOD being at the forefront of everything SVS does, for the longevity of the project it made more sense to create a staking overhaul to better serve every SVS NFT, rather than trying to work around this in an outdated staking model that when originally released did not cater towards future releases.

The Blood Overhaul

The Blood Overhaul

The Bloodbag

The Bloodbag is at the center of the $BLOOD Overhaul, being the way that $BLOOD is claimed once earned. Instead of pending in a daily manner, the new system awards $BLOOD in a bi-weekly fashion, claimable via The Bloodbag.

Bloodbag Base $BLOOD Yield

The base yield for $BLOOD within the Bloodbag is as follows:

*See Devouring of Bats.

The Bloodboost

The Bloodboost provides bonus $BLOOD and prizes to those who hold an SVS Family (Vampire, Vampiress AND Bat).

Bloodboosts GUARANTEE additional $BLOOD, along with the chance to secure a prize*. If you do not own an SVS Family — you will only ever get the base yield within your Bloodbag and cannot win a prize, however owning an SVS Family and earning the Bloodboost guarantees that your Bloodbag will have a larger amount of $BLOOD than the base yield, and may include a prize.

Prizes in the Bloodbag include (but are not limited to, and will often change):

In addition to this, The Bloodboost given will be increased if:

*Details on the exact bonuses given, % chance of bonuses being given, and chances of earning a prize will be made transparent at release of the rework when the first Bloodbag Claim begins. This is the same for the Bloodboost increase given for Perfect Pairs & High Rarity.

Devouring of Bats

As noted above the base $BLOOD yield of a Vampiress is 0 $BLOOD — however Vampiresses Bloodbags may be unlocked by devouring a bat.

Vampiresses are ravenous and thirsty for $BLOOD, yet do not earn it naturally. They can unlock this ability by “Devouring A Bat”.

Devouring a bat not only unlocks the ability for the Vampiress to earn $BLOOD, but also has several benefits:

…It would be interesting if there was a way the Graveyard bats could be resurrected too, in exchange for another being sacrificed…


Example 1:
- Earns 168 $BLOOD per Bloodbag because they own 3 Vampires (42 * 3) and 3 Bats (14 * 3).
- Their Vampiresses earn no $BLOOD because they have not devoured a bat.
- They have 3 Bloodboosts available, as they have 3 SVS Families (3 Vampires, 3 Vampiresses & 3 Bats).

Example 2:
- Earns 420 $BLOOD per Bloodbag because they own 10 Vampires (42 * 10).
- They have 0 Bloodboosts available, as they have don’t have any SVS Families (They own 0 Vampiresses and 0 Bats).

Example 3:
- Earns 305 $BLOOD per Bloodbag because they own 3 Vampires (42 * 5).
- Their 5 Vampiresses all earn $BLOOD because they have each devoured a bat (14 + 5 * 5).
- They have 0 Bloodboosts available, as they have don’t have any SVS Families (They own 0 Bats).

Example 4:
- Earns 151 $BLOOD per Bloodbag because they own 1 Vampire (42 * 1) and 1 Bat (14 * 1).
- 5 out of 10 of their Vampiresses earn $BLOOD because 5 of them have devoured a bat (14 + 5 * 5). The other 5 Vampiresses earn 0 $BLOOD.
- They have 1 Bloodboost available, as they have 1 SVS Family.

Example 5:
- Earns 253 $BLOOD per Bloodbag because they own 4 Vampires (42 * 4) and 2 Bats (14 * 2).
- 3 out of 4 of their Vampiresses earn $BLOOD because 3 of them have devoured a bat (14 + 5 * 3). The other Vampiress earns 0 $BLOOD.
- They have 2 Bloodboosts available, as they have 2 SVS Families.

We will now begin implementing this proposal and working on developing the system before release.

It is important to note that although close to final, we welcome all feedback that the community can give us and will work towards an ideal setting for $BLOOD and our ecosystem! If there is an overwhelming community support against an aspect of this $BLOOD rework — or overwhelming support for something not yet included, we are open to additions & edits.

Please post feedback in #community-suggestions within our Discord!



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