Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: The $BLOOD Utility Token in 2022

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
5 min readJan 11, 2022

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS), from its launch in 2021 has accomplished many great things, and even completed its first initial roadmap within 2 months from mint. We introduced staking into our ecosystem very early on into our NFT journey, and yielded those who staked $BLOOD as a reward for staking both their Vamps and Bats!

What is the $BLOOD Token?

$BLOOD is our utility token and exists as the centre of the SVS ecosystem. Everything that we build and interact with, we aim to build around $BLOOD. As our main goal is to add as much utility as possible to all SVS holders, we also aim to centre all of that utility around $BLOOD. 2022 is the year of The Vamps and for $BLOOD! We have some huge things planned this year and we can’t wait to roll out more and more use cases and utility for all our holders centred around $BLOOD!

The Polygon Bridge & $BLOOD Auction System

With that in mind, and as may have been read in one of our previous Medium Articles — We have recently deployed a Polygon Bridge for $BLOOD for exactly this reason: to allow easier (and less costly execution) of utility when it comes to the $BLOOD Utility Token. Following this, we deployed an auction system using $BLOOD. The $BLOOD auction system will lay as a foundation and forefront of innovation for many things that will come for all holders, our first implementation of this was when we used it for our most recent Scream collab! We used the $BLOOD auction system so holders could bid and win prizes for the event! We had people win early movie screenings, movie tickets, limited edition posters and more!

With something as simple yet as innovative and insightful as the $BLOOD auction system, we can now see how easy it is to integrate a lot of future utility for the Vamps around this! As we continuously reach out to a plethora of companies and potential partners, we can see now how incredible it is that we can add a large array of prizes/options for all holders to partake in, and how easy it is for any of our potential future partners to come up with ideas for our $BLOOD auction! Our partnership with Scream and Paramount Pictures has created a great foundation and stepping stone for what is possible in the NFT space, and what is possible for us and the future of SVS.

$BLOOD System being used for the first time with our SVS x Scream Collaboration

So, aside from this, what will we be able to use the $BLOOD Token for in 2022? Here is a list of what we have announced & teased (so far!):

SVS Alpha Whitelists

One of the few things that we are most excited about is the implementation of SVS Alpha Whitelists for $BLOOD! SVS Alpha has proven to be an incredible implementation and use case for all our holders. All SVS Vampire Holders will get access to “alpha” regarding NFT projects. This is where we recommend and provide Whitelist Opportunities for various promising upcoming projects. Up until now, these were offered via our Discord — but beginning soon, holders will be able to spend $BLOOD to increase their chances.

With how popular and how successful our SVS Alpha is, we believe that once we release $BLOOD for Alpha whitelists, it will prove to be an incredible inclusion of utility for $BLOOD. The usual process of determining who wins a SVS Alpha whitelist spot is via a giveaway of some sort, however this will mean if a holder is specifically excited about a particular project — they can increase their odds of winning using the $BLOOD Token.

Generation 2 Discounted with $BLOOD

  • We can’t wait to share details about our Generation 2 Collection: Female Vampires, which we will begin to do so soon!
  • Generation 1 Vampire Holders are already guaranteed a Generation 2 Whitelist — securing them access to a Generation 2 Vampire when released, however the cost can be decreased by using $BLOOD.
  • Full information and actual details will be posted closer to the Generation 2 Release.

3D Models NFTs Minted with $BLOOD (for Sandbox, Wilder World)

  • We have already begun work on 3D Models for all Vamp holders! This will be minted with $BLOOD, and will be fully usable in metaverse games such as Sandbox and Wilder World. The 3D model Vamps will also come with 3D files for holders who wish to 3D print them! This will allow you to get a 1:1 depiction of your Vamp, as a 3D Model once released.

Pixel Vamp NFTs Minted with $BLOOD (for Webbland etc.)

  • Pixel Vamp NFTs are currently being worked on too and have made steady progress! We are working very closely with the artist and aim to push out some previews and updates soon for you guys. This will be fully minted with $BLOOD and can be used for Webbland and other similar style games. Again, these will be 1:1 of your original Vampires Traits!

Private Label Champagne

  • Although this has been teased and in the works for a long time now — it is definitely worth the wait! Our custom and very exclusive SVS Private Label Champagne is getting closer to release by the day and will be available for order very soon! $BLOOD will be used to mint a collectible “Chalice NFT” — this will also serve as your access to the champagne
  • We expect shipment to happen around the start of February 2022.

Exclusive Merchandise Drops

  • Unfortunately we are unable to currently share too much detail about this. However, many people since our original launch have requested more “premium” and desirable merch that you guys’ can wear daily to show off the Vamps. We have been working very hard on this (and in collaboration with several known names when it comes to merchandise).
  • We can’t wait to show more details of this to everybody when we’re able to — but when released, this merchandise will have a heavily premium and limited feel, with $BLOOD being used to secure your pieces!


  • Although more down the line than the other utilities. Once Generation 2 is finalised and is minted, we will then begin working on breeding and what comes next. This is quite a ways down the line but just as important to mention.
  • $BLOOD will be the centre of breeding and it will play a big part in this. We are unable to share any details on this as it is a way down the line and nothing is finalised, however $BLOOD will very much be the centre of this system once released.

& Much, Much More!

These are all we can share with you for now, however those are just the beginning. We appreciate everybody’s patience regarding the $BLOOD Token — we would never want to release any “utilities” that we do not deem useful or in the interests of Vampire Holders, however we can’t wait to continue to expand this within the following weeks and months into 2022 to show everybody what the $BLOOD Utility Token can offer to holders!



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