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4 min readFeb 28, 2022


As we are only an hour away from the reveal of The Vampiresses, it felt more than fitting to make this week’s Medium Monday a little recap of our Gen 2 release. From everyone at the team here at SVS, we genuinely hope you guys are all as excited as we are for the reveal and that all of you will love your Vampiresses as much as we have loved the entire process of SVS.

There are a total of 250+ traits in this release, which is truly an insane amount (even more than our initial Gen 1 release!). Mig is an extremely talented artist, and he has really let his work shine with The Vampiresses; there are so many new traits which we can’t wait for everyone to enjoy.

It is important to note that although The Vampiresses have their own utility, a lot of it is extremely unique and are independent of The Vampires (Gen 1 release). We will be re-covering some of the highlights of The Vampiresses in the following Medium! We hope everybody understands that as much as we have tried to push out as much utility and information regarding The Vampiresses before their release, we have plenty still planned & under wraps. We look forward to introducing the separate utilities of the Vampires & Vampiresses — making your Perfect Pair’s even more valuable!

We understand this Medium Monday may be slightly similar to last weeks if you also read it — but we wanted to reiterate exactly what is offered with the Vampiresses, as today is their reveal day!

Blue Formal Gown Vampiress

The Perfect Pair

The Perfect Pair is something that we introduced and announced to the community before we began minting on The Vampiresses.

A lot of concern has been expressed with people who do NOT have a “Perfect Pair”, who are saying that just because they don’t have a “Perfect Pair” they will not be able to reveal a rare/better traits, etc. We would like to clarify that this is NOT the case; a “Perfect Pair” does NOT affect any of this.

Vampiresses that are a “Perfect Pair” of a Generation 1 Vampire will enjoy the following benefits when taking part in the Blood Pact:

  • A 50% cost reduction for the ritual.
  • A 50% cool down timer for the ritual compared to what it originally would have been

Vampiresses that are NOT Perfect Pairs will still have all of the same utilities as those that are Perfect Pairs, including partaking in the Blood Pact, just without the discount and cooldown reduction.
Think of a Perfect Pair as an additional benefit — those without lose out on nothing.

Trait rarity is completely random across all Vampiresses. You are no more likely to get a rare Vampiress if it is a Perfect Pair than if it is not.

In short: If you do not have a Perfect Pair — you will still receive every single utility there will ever be for Vampiresses. You will miss out on NOTHING. A Perfect Pair simply entitles you to discounts at The Blood Pact, for remaining loyal to your original Vampire.

Siren Vampiress

Devouring The Bats

As we have mentioned last week, one of the many upcoming utilities with The Vampiresses will be able to devour the bats! Own any bats? Keep your cute bat companions close.

While The Vampiresses are yet to receive their own companions — the Vampiresses have taken a special liking to the bats in the meantime!

Although Vampiresses cannot be staked for $BLOOD — we look forward to introducing them to the Blood Ecosystem via this mechanic.

We have heard people saying that they can’t wait for more details on this, and we apologise that we have not released this before the reveal. We want to ensure that this is perfected and ready to go before releasing the finer details -there won’t be long to wait!

Golden Vampiress

The future of SVS is incredibly exciting, and we couldn’t be prouder of the community we have built. The team at SVS can only give endless thanks for the countless support over the last 6 months, and we are extremely excited to carry out our plans for the future. Let’s grow The Lair together!



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