Sneaky Vampire Syndicate X #888InnerCircle Collaboration

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
2 min readOct 31, 2021

We would like to proudly announce our new collaboration between Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and #888InnerCircle!

Inner Circle Vampire Tier #1

We’ve been working relentlessly behind the scenes to bring you this partnership, the details are as below:

- Every SVS and The Inner Circle holder will be able to CLAIM one “Inner Circle Vampire Tier #1” per NFT they hold.
- There will be ONE Inner Circle Vampire claimable PER VAMPIRE YOU HOLD. (e.g. If you own 5 Vampires, you can Claim 5 Inner Circle Vampire Tier #1's)
- They will be open for claim for a period of ONE WEEK.
- There are a total of 8 Tier’s of Inner Circle Vampire artworks that will exist — with everyone being able to initially claim Tier 1.
- There will be a burn mechanism to “upgrade” your Inner Circle Vampire to the next tier.
- Two of the previous Tier’s are required to be burned to “upgrade” to the next tier. (e.g. Two Inner Circle Vampire Tier #1’s can be burned to produce One Inner Circle Vampire Tier #2).
- This burning mechanism will continue to allow you to upgrade your Inner Circle Vampires as far up the Tier’s as you wish.
- There is no time factor on burning; this will be able to be done with no time-factor.

- The first 8 people who burn to create the Inner Circle Vampire Tier #8 will receive:
1) A Genesis Inner Circle NFT
2) An SVS Honorary drawn by our artist: Mig!
3) Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Generation 2 Whitelist
- Anyone who burns to create the Inner Circle Vampire Tier #7 will receive:
1) Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Generation 2 Whitelist

- The claim will begin tomorrow, November 1st 2021 at 11:11am PST
- The claim will last exact 7 days, until November 8th 2021 at 11:11am PST.
- The claim will be live via SVS’ website. A link will be posted at the time the claim opens.
- You can burn to increase tiers for an infinite amount of time after this — simply, the claim of Inner Circle Vampire Tier #1 is 7 days.

We hope everyone enjoys claiming their Inner Circle Vampire — even if as a souvenir of our amazing collaboration! We can’t wait to see who increases their tier the most — and who reaches the Legendary Tier #8!

We are grateful to both communities and hope this collaboration brings a great bridge between the two.
Good luck collecting!



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