Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate: Coming February 2022 & Derivatives Contest!

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
3 min readJan 25, 2022

In case you missed out post on social media last week: we announced the Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate will be joining The Lair in February 2022!

The official release date will be announced slightly closer to the time, however up until the release we have many information, events and teasers planned along the way until their arrival.

Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate Teaser Image

We have many things planned but the first of many will be our very first Vampiress derivatives contest! We know everyone enjoyed these art contests when we ran a few of them in the past few months, so we thought what better time to run a new one before the Vampiresses join The Lair.

We know that our community is insanely talented and it was amazing to see all the wonderful art all over Twitter during the previous contests, and we are more than excited to get things rolling again during 2022.

We are yet to reveal how a Sneaky Vampiress will look — and that's the whole idea of this derivatives contest! Get creative and show us what you think a Gen 2 Vampiress will look like. This slightly differs from previous contests because we will not be giving a template or “base” Vampire for you guys to use as we want to see how creative the community can be and can’t wait to see what’s in store!


The requirements of this contest is very relaxed, simply:

  • Show us you think a Vampiress will look. You can be as creative as you want and there is no criteria or requirements in how you may present this.
  • Tweet it at us, mentioning @SVSNFT and using #SVSVampiress

As long as you mention us and use the hashtag, we will see your entry and it will be considered. We can’t wait to see some of the amazing entries.


  • 10 winners will receive a Whitelist to mint their very own Sneaky Vampiress when we release!
  • Winners will also be Tweeted out, prior to showing off how the Sneaky Vampiresses will actually look — we’re excited to see how close some entries are to the final design.


  • The contest starts today, as soon as this article is published! It runs for exactly two weeks, until February 8th at 4pm EST.
Art Contest Requirements

Roadmap 2.0 Update

This week, prior to the Vampiress release we have just revamped our latest roadmap and added some finer details to it! This is going to be the basis of what we aim to accomplish at SVS. The next immediate step on the roadmap is the Sneaky Vampiresses, alongside Pixel Vampires — both coming in February!

Be sure to check it out on Twitter, and below:

There’s so much to look forward to; from our release of the Pixel Vamps, to 3D models and Vampiresses & Their Companions, the future is nothing but bright for us here at SVS. We can’t wait to share with you guys and reveal what’s coming!



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