Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate: Coming February 2022 & Derivatives Contest!

Sneaky Vampiress Syndicate Teaser Image
  • Show us you think a Vampiress will look. You can be as creative as you want and there is no criteria or requirements in how you may present this.
  • Tweet it at us, mentioning @SVSNFT and using #SVSVampiress
  • 10 winners will receive a Whitelist to mint their very own Sneaky Vampiress when we release!
  • Winners will also be Tweeted out, prior to showing off how the Sneaky Vampiresses will actually look — we’re excited to see how close some entries are to the final design.
  • The contest starts today, as soon as this article is published! It runs for exactly two weeks, until February 8th at 4pm EST.
Art Contest Requirements




8,888 Sneaky Vampires living their best life in the Syndicate.

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Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

8,888 Sneaky Vampires living their best life in the Syndicate.

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